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Web-camera of Vladivostok terminal
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A monument in honor of Severomuyskiy tunnel construction completion.

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Mikhail Krainov

February 26, 2004 - motor Transsib is opened at last

Attention! Entering of old photos into new dynamic version of Trans-Siberian Photogallery is finished! Entering of new photos have begun!
Call your attention to the fact that only new photos uploaded during lat two weeks are displayed on the main page of Photogallery. If you want to see other photos please use unified search form situated in the lower part of any page. More details about structure of new Photogallery are on the page Explanations, advices, search.
So, welcome!
Sergey Sigavhyov, Mikhail Krainov

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April 05, 2005 /Site News/ Main stations of Kazan way are published on the site.
January 29, 2005 /Site News/ Information about citites on Transsib branches is added: Asino, Svirsk, Gusinoozersk.
February 28, 2004 /Site News/ Attention! New dynamic version of
Trans-Siberian Photogallery is opened! Because of huge amount of photos in Trans-Siberian photogallery (more than 2.7 thous.) and very expanded hierarchy of subject sections and subsections it became toilfully and inconveniently to add new photos into it or to make any perfections. So the life itself prompted us to resolute refusal of former static presentation of photos and to transition to new automatic technologies. New version of Trans-Siberian Photogallery is built with quite another principles than the former one and it's an unified data base from which you can find and choose necessary photos by different criteria. So, welcome! First time it will be replenished only by old photos but about 2 months later we'll begin to add new ones!
February 18, 2004 /Site News/ Some new exhibits were added into the Museum; one new book (old shedule) was added into Book Shelf.
July 16, 2003 /Trans-Siberian News/ In the Samara station complex the railway ministry Boris Beshchev museum about Kuibyshev line was opened. The presentation of the museum was devoted to his centenary.
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distances, maps, cities, rivers and another) - at Handbook; information about Book are devoted grandious great railway; collection of Web links.
Trans-Siberian History will tell us about giant transport superproject of Russian Empire, that was complete successfully by our ancestors one century ago (how the Trans-Siberian railway was built,
construction phases, about Chinese Eastern line).
At unique Photogallery you can see more than 7000 exclusive photos.
Only here: various information and most detailed text schemes of the Trans-Siberian railway in the World Wide Web.

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